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Kitten dies after being left in hot car

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - We are less than one month into the summer style season and we're already hearing of one pet killed after being left in a hot car. And East Texas vets are stressing just how dangerous these next few months can be for your four-legged family member. 

"Think of it as an oven, you wouldn't put an animal or your baby in an oven even if it was on warm," said Cathy Gibbins, a Tyler animal rescuer.

It's a scary thought, but a true statement.

Many people think leaving their animal in a hot car, even for a quick errand is safe as long as a window is cracked. That type of thinking lead to the death of a kitten in Tyler; it died from heat related seizures. The kitten's body temperature reached 111 degrees.

Something Gibbins said should have never happened.

"What's warm, I believe, is 170 degrees and that's what it gets, probably even hotter in a car," said Gibbins.

Dr. Gary Spence, who treated the kitten, said leaving your animal in the car should never be an option.

"There's no such thing as a few minutes going inside the store, I'm just going to run in and run out, it's not happening and they get too hot too quick," said Dr. Spence.

He tells us leaving the air conditioner on is not even safe due to possible CO2 intake.

"When you think they're safe, you come back and they're dead from carbon monoxide," said Spence. "So there's not a good answer, you don't leave them in the car."

So as the summer heat rises, leave your furry friends at home.

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