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Judge overturns jury decision, child killer released

WEST MONROE - The murder of Jemarion Jackson, 2, put 29 year-old Eric Nabors behind bars for 2nd degree murder. The Ouachita Citizen reports that approximately a month ago, 4th Judicial Court Judge Larry Jefferson, decided to rid of the original verdict. Instead, Jefferson found Nabors guilty of negligent homicide which changes how much time he spends behind bars.

2nd degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Negligent homicide on the other hand has a maximum sentence of only five years.

District Attorney Steve Tew says the decision to overturn a jury ruling is rare and that he is disappointed to see it happen, so his office is appealing the new verdict. "The court of appeal should, reinstate the jury verdict, we believe that jury verdict was proper and we believe the trial judge erred when he invaded that jury verdict," says Tew.

As for Nakiyah Clark she just hopes justice is served. "Nobody can feel how I feel because they've never lost a child to murder. I hope they make the right decision to get him back in jail."

Judge Jefferson has overturned a jury decision before, however it cost him his job. Back in 2000 he was removed from The Monroe City Court for abusing his authority. 

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