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Jeff Landry prioritizes opioids, violent crime during 'State of our State'

BATON ROUGE, La (WVLA) - Attorney General Jeff Landry went before the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge to talk about "The State of our State." He highlighted the opioid epidemic and violent crime as his priorities for 2018.

"The opioid epidemic knows no boundaries," Landry said. 

Landry said Baton Rouge ranks 23rd nationally in percent of citizens abusing opioids and ranks 17th nationally in opioid prescription abuse.

"Louisiana is one of eight states that has more opioid prescriptions than it has people in the state of Louisiana," Landry said.

His other main topic was the violent crime rates.

"The second thing I want to talk about is violent crime because this opioid epidemic is absolutely contributing to violent crime in this country," Landry said.

He said tackling opioid abuse, will lead to a decrease in violent crime.

This year, his office helped establish an informational website, installed drug take-back boxes across the state and went after drug manufacturers.

After his speech, Landry took questions from the audience. Someone asked him about when his office will decide whether or not the Baton Rouge Police Department officers involved in Alton Sterling's death will face state charges.

"We have been working diligently since we received evidence and we are working as fast as we can, but we are going to ensure that the process is done in a very, very thorough manner," Landry said.


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