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It's official: LSU is in the medical pot business

BATON ROUGE, La. (The News-Star) - It's official. The LSU AgCenter has finalized its agreement with GB Sciences Louisiana, a subsidiary of GB Sciences, to produce medical marijuana products for qualifying patients in Louisiana.

According to our partners at The News-Star, GB Sciences, a cannabis company focused on biopharmaceutical development, anticipates its products will be ready for patients by the middle of next year.

GB Sciences will produce medical cannabis under the LSU AgCenter’s license for patients with very specific conditions.

In compliance with the Alison Neustrom Act, approved medical care providers will oversee patients with debilitating conditions, including cancer, HIV, epilepsy and spasticity. Practitioners may recommend medical cannabis through specific delivery methods and dosages to patients who have exhausted other medical options without a positive result.

“It is extremely important that we can provide patients with safe and consistent options to help improve their quality of life,” said Bill Richardson, LSU vice president for agriculture.

The LSU AgCenter will receive $3.4 million or 10 percent of gross revenue, whichever is greater, over five years. GB Sciences will support LSU AgCenter research through funding for personnel, laboratory research space and equipment plus an additional monetary contribution for research initiatives.

Read more at The News-Star.

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