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Hugh Goodwin Elementary participates in Severe Weather Awareness Week

EL DORADO, Ark.-- -

Students at Hugh Goodwin Elementary are put to the test, but not your ordinary test.

They are being quizzed on their weather awareness.

"This week is Arkansas Severe Weather Alertness Awareness Week, and we're here at Hugh Goodwin Elementary, and we're going to have a tornado drill," El Dorado School District Crisis Coordinator said. "We have several during the year, so the children can be prepared in case we have a tornado come through town."

They want to make sure that they are more than ready if the time comes.

"We have several things in place in our district," said Vines. "We have flips on the wall that in case a certain type of emergency comes through our teachers know what to do. We have NOAH Radios inside of each office in case there is a weather warning that comes through. Our district is very well prepared when it comes to an emergency.

They stress that drills are something you can't practice enough. In fact, this is their fourth one this year."

"I try to make sure that they are at different times of the day because you never know when that tornado might come, where those students might be in our building during that time," Principal, Connie Reed said.

Now, students want to get their parents on board.

"Today when we go home we are going to talk about to our parents about where we're going to hide," Sawyer Swint, Student said.

Some already have a plan.

"We go in our bathroom, and we bring pillows in there in case we have to sleep in there,"Studnet, Lilly Speer said. "Me and my sister we stay in the bathtub. My mom sits on the counter, and my dad sits on the toilet."

At home or at school, they know exactly what to do.

"We got down on our knees," Swint said.

"And we covered our head," said Speer.

A life-saving technique they say they won't ever forget.


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