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Hit and Runs on the rise nationwide

FAYETTEVILLE, Ar. (KNWA) - More than one hit and run crash happens somewhere in the U.S. every minute.

In November of 2016 Kathy Halls' daughter, Haley King, was killed in a hit in run while she was traveling with a friend after a man hit them in took off on Zion Road. 

"These hit and runs they tear apart your family," Hall said. "She was a passenger on the back of a scooter they were hit from behind the man continued to keep driving he did not slow down, the scooter was trapped under the vehicle. "

According to a new study from AAA, hit and runs are up more than 60 percent since 2009.
Local law enforcement believe those numbers could be because of things like distracted driving.   
Sergeant Tony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police Department wants people to do the right thing as it could save a life. 

"There is a golden amount of time where rescuers can arrive on a scene and save someones life and render that life saving care that person may need in that incident or that accident," said Sgt. Murphy

Charges may vary depending on the injuries that occur and authorities say its never a good idea to take off

"If someones injured and you leave a personal injury accident the penalty goes up significantly. If it's an accident and someone is injured you have to do what is right and stop and help them, " said Sgt. Murphy.

Now hall hopes others hear her warning and do the right thing.

"Please I understand you may be scared or you don't know what to do but you could save a life by stopping and calling for help." 

Hall and her family have been meeting with local lawmakers to suggest legislation that would increase pentalties for those that seriously injure someone and leave the scene.

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