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Hamburg Police to install new laptops in vehicles

Police: Will help cut work time down

HAMBURG, Ark. - 2018 June 11

Chief Johnny Oliver says the first part of his day always starts at this desk, sifting and sorting through stats.

"I spend the first hour and half of the day just doing paperwork on that."

From arrests, alarm calls, and traffic stops, the Hamburg Police Department keeps tabs on everything by hand, but with that, comes a few issues as documents are passed around.

"Of course handwriting is the one thing, being able to read what they're writing cause sometimes mistakes are made just because of misinterpretation of what somebody wrote."

In just about a week or so, they're going digital.

The Hamburg Police Department received a grant for over $27,000 that allowed them to purchase new laptops for their vehicles.

They come along with drivers license scanners, mounts, and printers.

"Just a couple of clicks of a button, I'll be able to look up every ticket we've ever written where right now I would have to search manually to find those tickets.

Oliver says it improves their overall communication throughout the department.

"If I have a person say on a traffic stop that something wasn't quite right, but I didn't have enough to arrest them on. If somebody stops them on the road, they can know that I stopped this person before they did."

Chief Oliver says overall this will be a great addition and it will allow them to focus on keeping Hamburg safe.

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