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GSU students impacted by Irma as families prepare for Jose

GRAMBLING, La. - The Caribbean Islands are being hit by a one two punch of hurricanes.

While Irma has done plenty damage, Jose is coming right behind her.

"Last night when i was listening to the radio station back home they were in the process of evacuating close to 16 to 1800 residents," Antigua native, Collin Jno-Finn, said.

He's not directly impacted in Grambling but his family is in the eye of the storm.

"I have a sister, uncle and grandmother in Antigua," he said.

His family all too familiar with what these disasters can do. They've survived three hurricanes in his life.

"I remember being at home with my family and you could hear the wind and you could hear the rain and of course I live close on a low lying area where you could see the water rising," he said.

Casey Henry, a Dominica native, says his family is also in harms way.

"Even if it doesn't affect us directly it still takes a little on your conscience because your loved ones they're affected," he said.

"Places like San Martin for example. I have an uncle there i haven't heard from him."

 He hasn't heard from him since before Irma hit.

"Right now in San Martin it's a disaster so in terms of trying to reach him I guess communication is down back there."

Henry has a message for his uncle.

"I guess all I just want to know is that you're alive, your='re safe and then it's possible for you to get back on your feel that's all," Henry said.

There's only one way they are both getting through this tough time; faith.

"You learn that we all need each other at the end of the day and i think at this point in time we are learning that we are our brother's keeper," Jno-Finn said.

"You can't stress about what you can't change so you pray you hope you just sit back and you let god do what he has to do," Jno-Finn said.

Meanwhile, they hang on to hope that their families will be safe from a second storm.Grambling Stat

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