GSU Student chosen for state board

GRAMBLING, La -- - It's the middle of may at Grambling State University.

Most students are winding down, but for Adarian Williams the work is just beginning. 

"I have not missed a day here on campus since I was elected student body president because there's so much work to be done," Williams said.

As if he wasn't busy enough, he's just been selected as the student representative to the Louisiana Board of Regents which oversees all the  public universities in the state.

A big role to take on, but GSU President Rick Gallot says he's the perfect man for the job.

"He has always been  a very intelligent student always very high achieving so i can't say that I'm really surprised to see him in this role," Gallot said.

"I wish that i can say that you know we polished him into a leader but Adarian has been a leader since birth," GSU Provost, Ellen Smiley, said. 

His passion for serving started at a young age.

"I been doing it for my entire life," Williams said.

"Basically I've been serving as class president all through middle school and through high school and my junior and senior year of high school I served as student council president."

His work load just got a little bigger. Not just the voice for Grambling students and now the voice for over 200,000 more students across the state.

"It's time to get to work it's going to be a little hectic but I think I can manage and I have a great team behind me  council of student body presidents as well as here at the university," he said.

 Adarian wants to make sure he leaves his mark as a Grambling great.

"When you do leave you know you'll have that impact planted in the university and they'll remember you on down in history."

With the Grambling family behind him and students from across the state, Adarian is ready to get to work.

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