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Greater Ouachita Water Company and Town of Sterlington trial begins

MONROE, La. - Leaders in Sterlington are so determined to get their own water system, they're suing in court. 

For about 7 years the town of Sterlington has fought to get it's own water system, but hasn't been able to do this. 

That's because the town first needs the supporting infrastructure from Greater Ouachita Water Company.

Over time, the two parties have failed to come to an agreement on the issue.

Now the town of Sterlington is trying to take that infrastructure through the courts. 

The two parties went to court Tuesday for the first day of the trial.

The main issue discussed Tuesday was whether it was legal for Mayor Vern Breland to file the suit initially without the approval of the town council.

If it turns out this wasn't allowed, the case will be tossed immediately.

Now it's up to the judge to make their decision and determine if this case moves forward. 

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