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Grambling State University Biggest Doctoral Class

For the first time Grambling State University is giving seven people their Doctorate degree. One recipient achieved his degree under intense circumstances.

Kevin Sly, a business professor at Gambling State University, is hearing a name he's not used to. Himself and six others have become a part of a special group, for the first time seven people have walked across the stage at GSU with their PHD's. "We're just really excited of course, these are professionals in education and that's our root, that's where we started," said President Rick Gallot.

An air force veteran, a minister, and now he's adding doctor to that list; but it's still not his favorite. "The best title that I have is paw paw," said Sly.

Sly completed his doctorate all while teaching full time at GSU. He started this journey to master the art of teaching when he realized he could do more in the classroom, even after 15 years of experience. "It showed me that I didn't know how to teach, even though I had my masters, there's certain things you need to know," said Sly.

As a result he decided to go all in and get his doctorate which meant longer days and longer nights. His boss said was there to witness "He's had a tough work load but he comes in that door every morning energetic and ready to go. It's indescribable really because of his energy and his focus," said Donald White.

As a small town guy from the inner city in Jonesboro he hopes his story inspires his future students. "Students who've been told that they can't do it, I want to show them that they can," said Sly.

President Gallot says he's going to continue to promote and market the doctoral program to keep the doctorate graduate number on the rise.

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