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Grambling man accused of terrorism; making threats on Facebook over child support

The fear of the unknown.

It's a fear that put 38-year-old Demario Antoine Bryant behind bars.

It all started when his temper allegedly got the best of him, apparently unhappy with what he was paying for child support.

"Mr. Bryant evidently had a disagreement over monies paid to the child support office," Lincoln Parish Chief Criminal Deputy, Stephen Williams said.

Bryant took his rant from that office to social media.

Bryant threatened to kill multiple people at the child support office on Facebook and even though he took the post down it was captured by a screenshot and sent to the Lincoln Parish District Attorney's Office.   

"He made a post  that he was fixing to round up some guns and kill everybody there regardless of what their title was or who they were," Williams said.

From that moment on they were on the move to track him down and stop a possible tragedy from taking place.

Since the initial threat, investigators found out Bryant made his way to the Monroe child support office and caused another disturbance before heading back to his home in Grambling.

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office got a warrant for his arrest, waited on him at his residence and as soon as he pulled up they put the cuffs on him.  

A case they cracked all because one person caught the post in the nick of time.

"It made the case the screenshot is what really made the case," Williams said.

"I have nothing but praise for the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office and the way they handled this," Lincoln Parish Assistant District Attorney, Laurie James said.

"It's a warning for people that threats like this should always be reported.
You never know it could end up saving lives.

"I certainly encourage any member of the public who sees a social media post who hears a threat please report that to law enforcement," James said.

All while warning others there's certain lines you shouldn't cross on social media.

"The threat to kill and kill multiple people when you type it out and put it on social media you're crossing the line there," Williams said.

Bryant is also charged with possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute. He's being held in the Lincoln Parish Detention Center on over $500,000 bond.

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