Goodbye Glasses; Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell Shares His Experience with The KAMRA Inlay

WEST MONROE, La. - Pictures, plaques and awards. All things you see with a quick glance around Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell's office. 

One thing you won't find here; reading glasses.

"I always had a pair here, a pair in the kitchen, a pair on the night table, every where you had them at home. A pair in the truck. Well I haven't pulled them out since the surgery, " said Russell. 

Russell's vision hasn't always been as good as it is today. He gradually started wearing readers about two years ago and eventually needed them all the time. 
"You know how you do it, you don't think you need it and every once in a while you grab them and the next thing you know you're grabbing them all the time and that's what happens with reading glasses," said Russell.   
Eye doctors at Haik Humble determined Russell was a good candidate for the KAMRA Inlay, a new procedure where doctors implant a small disk into the eye to correct age related problems with near vision. 
"They contacted me to see if I was a candidate for this inlay. I told them I did wear reading glasses. That was the first thing they asked 'did you wear reading glasses and did you need them on a constant basis?' I told them, 'yeah, I did,' said Russell.  "Emails and things like that at work that I was reading, news paper print, things like that, I always put on reading glasses to read them." 
In October Russell had the inlay implanted. He says the procedure was quick and the recovery was smooth.  
"It didn't take but like 20 minutes or so to do it. They gave you the risks of doing it, which you know they always give you the worst case scenario of all these things; dry eye, infection and things of that nature but come to find out none of those happened, said Russell

We caught up with him at Haik Humble for a closer look at how well his eyes were doing three months post op.
Doctors tell us his eyesight is doing great and Russell agrees. 

"Every once in awhile you'll shock yourself and go 'I just read that and I couldn't have read that before' so it was really a good thing for me." 

Click here for more on the KAMRA Inlay report.

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