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Flooding concerns increase around the Ouachita River as rain chances stick around this week

MONROE, La - (2/26/18) -- The bulk of this rain that has fallen this month has fallen in southern Arkansas, also known as the northern portion of the Ouachita River Basin. That rain has now trickled down to the Ouachita River in Monroe.

Many roads and streets across Union Parish are shut down. With more rain in the forecast, localized flash flooding is a high concern for areas like this.

There have been several road closures in Union Parish after Lake D'Arbonne crested this past Friday.
Officials all over are preparing for all of the water that will eventually flow downstream. 

"Well, this weekend, we were closing flood gates along the Ouachita River and we were constructing a temporary levee in Bastrop to keep water from coming through where it is. It's not that high as 2016 but there is a concern that it may come through," says John Stringer.

Most of this is in the preparation stage but after march 2016, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

"Other than that operating pump stations and we'll continue closing pump gates. Some of them close automatically and some we have to manually close so we will be doing that in anticipation of the river going to, it's predicted now 43 feet on March 11th," says Stringer.

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