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Fight hunger during the Spread the Love Peanut Butter Drive at the Foodbank of Northeast Louisiana

MONROE, La - What started out as a community service project from Miss Louisiana contestants last year became a way to fight hunger  for the Foodbank of Northeast Louisiana.

"Last year the drive was actually started by the Miss Louisiana contestants so all the contestants from around the state came in and brought jars of peanut butter and then the community did as well. We gathered thousands of jars of peanut butter," says Sarah Hoffman. 

The Foodbank collected thousands of jars of  peanut butter last  year and they are hoping for even more this year. But why peanut butter?

"Peanut butter is just one of the most needed items for foodbanks because it's protein packed, kids love it, and pretty much anyone at any age will enjoy some peanut butter," says Sarah Hoffman.

The peanut butter will be delivered to partner agencies across the 12 parishes the Foodbank covers and will go to kids, parents, and seniors in need.

"It feels really good when we have somebody who comes in to the food bank who has their kids with them and they don't have enough to eat and we're able to provide the food that they need and to spread the love," says Sarah Hoffman.

So think about your fellow neighbor when you're out grocery shopping. You could help more than you think.

"You know I think a lot of us have a lot to give and to be able to share that with people who need it is really special," says Sarah Hoffman.

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