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Ferriday residents want recall in at the Mayor's office

FERRIDAY, La. - A little over a year after Ferriday Mayor Sherrie Jacobs took office, some residents say they are already fed up.

"Looking around I see piles of trash debris everywhere our sidewalks are not even walkable due to grass that's growing up between the creeks it's just horrible," resident, Charles Johnson, said.

Johnson has taken it upon himself to make change in his home town. 

He says he's tried to visit with the Jacobs to address what people are calling broken promises to improve the town and a lack of communication with citizens.

"It was a whole lot that was supposed to be done but when you look at it I don't see anything," resident, Kimberly Robinson, said.

"I know it takes time and years to come but I mean something should just show at least one commitment made."

"We're asking the Mayor going into the Mayor's office to see if we can talk to her no one will let us talk to her she's always unavailable," Johnson said.

He says other residents have the same problem.

"She won't even answer to them she won't answer back to their emails and their inboxes on Facebook she won't even talk to them," Johnson said.

 So he started a petition to remove the Mayor from office.

"It seems residents in the Town of Ferriday are behind him. Three days after the petition he has over 300 signatures.

"You need to speak up nothing against anybody but it needs to happen," Robinson said.

If that number gets to 700 and submitted to the governor the Town of Ferriday could be facing a possible re-election.

KTVE/KARD tried reaching out to Mayor Jacobs multiple times over the phone but she did not answer.

In the mean time, the signatures are piling up.

Some residents say no matter where it comes from they're ready to see a change.

"It doesn't matter who does it it needs to be done and a lot of people don't speak up," Robinson said.

Their aim, one way or another, is to get the town going back in the right direction.

"I hope a lot happens to set the future in place," Robinson said.

Johnson is aiming to have all of the signatures he need for the recall by November 3, 2017.

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