Ferriday Police Chief suspended for the third time in three months

FERRIDAY, La -- - For the third time in three months Ferriday Mayor, Sherrie Jacobs,  has suspended town police chief Arthur Lewis.

One day after returning from his 30-day suspension in February, Jacobs suspended Lewis again.

Alderman, Glenn Henderson, says Jacobs has appointed a consultant to run the police department before she made the decision.

"Obviously it's  be personal and she's just trying to suspend him until he just quits but I don't see that happening," Henderson said.

Jacobs asked the Ferriday Board of Aldermen to fire Lewis in a meeting on February 14th but they unanimously fronted her request.

"She hasn't attempted to bring him before the board and he hasn't put himself in a position for us to terminate him."

Jacobs made a statement to the Concordia Sentinel. 

"Chief Lewis was suspended for refusing to follow orders that were put in place for the advancement of the police department and the safety of the citizens of Ferriday," she said.

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