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Family speaks out after Ashley County woman found dead

CROSSETT, Ark. - Since 38-year-old Shannon Ridener went missing, on January 13, 2018, her family has been preparing for the worst.

"I can't explain it but we knew from the very first day that there was a problem and she wasn't coming back," her father, David Jordan, said.

However, they couldn't rest until they knew for sure. A tough task for Ashley County investigators.

"Not much they could do with no leads," her mother Carolyn Jordan said.

Then on February 15th, the family finally got the call they'd been hoping for but it was bad news.

Someone, riding their bike, had found Shannon's body under a bridge in Bradley County.

Then the shock settled in. Their daughter was gone.

"Knowing it officially is kind of different,"David said.

"We thought we'd be ready but we weren't ready," Carolyn said.

The  idea that someone left her there still bothering them to the core.

"Mostly I can't comprehend somebody throwing a body off a bridge."

"Killing them is one thing but throwing them away," David said.

"Nobody deserves that."

Their worst nightmare now a harsh reality.

"It's hard to believe I'm not going to see her again," David said.

"We just never thought that we'd bury one of our children," Carolyn said.

Before they close this chapter, they just want to know how Shannon left this world.

" [I'm] glad to know they found her but we would like to know where it happened and why it happened. We  just want to know we don't want to imagine anymore," Carolyn said.

Shannon would have been 39 years old February 3, 2018, the Ashley County Sheriff's Office has a person of interest, but they are still investigating the cause of her death.

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