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Family says camera caught Arkansas officer urinating in neighborhood street

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) - You might call it leaked video.

A Little Rock family says their security camera captured the moment a Little Rock police officer got out of his patrol car at 28th & Vancouver, and then turned the curbside into his own personal urinal.

"You peeing in a residential neighborhood at a stop sign," says the man whose family captured the video, referring to the officer.

The family didn't want to be shown on camera and doesn't think this officer wanted to be either.

"If you want us to do right, why don't you do right?" the man says.

In the video, recorded Wednesday night, you can see what looks like the officer relieving himself on one side of his patrol car. Then, as three cars come through the intersection, he moves to the rear of the patrol car.

We showed the footage to Russell Simmons; he's lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years. He thinks this is something that shouldn't simply be flushed away.

"Something should be done about it," Simmons says.

"They would arrest us and give us indecent exposure. I think they're entitled to the same laws as we are."

The Little Rock Police Department didn't know about the video until we sent it to them Thursday. Shortly after, they  confirmed that an internal investigation had begun.

"He is human, too, you know," Simmons says. "But, if he gotta' release you need to at least be decent about it."


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