EXCLUSIVE: Teen victim speaks out after allegedly being assaulted at the Ark-La-Miss fair

MONROE, La.-- - (9/25/2017) It was an alleged assault caught on video of a teenager getting off a ride at the Ark-La-Miss Fair only to get pushed, punched and then dragged to the ground by her hair. 

The memory is still painful for 17-year-old Alayna Hanson.

"There was just nothing I could do," Alayna said, with tears in her eyes. 

Alayna said she was about to get on the Power Surge ride Saturday night, when a few children tried to skip the line. 

"There was about four little kids about to jump up in front of us as soon as we were fixing to get on and so I tapped one of them on the shoulders like 'hey ya'll can't skip us, ya'll need to go to the end of the line'," she added.

When Alayna and her friends got off the ride, she said she could have never imagined what happened next. 

"I walked past her and she said 'You don't touch my kids like that' and so I didn't say anything, kept walking to my friend and then she pushed me and I turned around and that's when it all started," Alayna said.

Witnesses told is they are still shaken by what they saw. 

"She coulda been dead if she woulda kept going and nobody broke it up," witness Jessie Minor said. "She could have ended up in the hospital."

Alayna's mother, Amy Hanson, said she's devastated by what happened to her daughter.

"It breaks my heart," Amy said breaking out into tears. "That I wasn't there to protect my baby."

Now she said she wants justice for her daughter and for parents to set better examples for their children.

"It's not about race, it's not about color. As an adult she should have acted more maturely than she did," Amy added.

Monroe Police Department officials tell us they are not tolerating this type of behavior and are actively investigating the case.

If you recognize the woman in the video, call the Monroe Police Department at 318-329-3600.


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