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EXCLUSIVE: Friends and family speak about murdered West Monroe woman

WEST MONROE, La. - A mother, grandmother and sister.

Kimberly Vallery was all three.

However, at age 47, an unspeakable tragedy  took her away from her family too soon.

Police believe she was last seen alive here at Nathan Pettit Jr.'s trailer where she was brutally murdered. They also believe this is also when they decided to hide her body.

Daniel Naber, a close friend of the family, was her boyfriend for over 10 years.

"I believed in her with my heart and my soul," he said.

He remembers her as a person who was selfless always putting people first.

"Kim would give you the food off her plate before she would eat," he said.

The news of how she died rocking him to the core.

"I was sick. I just wanted to throw up."

"I can't even sleep. I was crying because she's always welcome here and she knew that."

Even after they went their separate ways romantically  they still remained close.

 He says she was even living at his home.

"I worry about her every day and night if she was to disappear because I keep her puppy with me." 

When Kim's kids came looking for her and she wasn't at his place, he knew something was wrong.

"That's why I called the police when her children came to see me."

Now like the family he's devastated and left picking up the pieces. Still shocked that someone would take her life.

"If somebody was to pass away of a heart attack or anything in the world I can accept that but to be murdered and put in a trash can and taken to the woods and dumped," Naber said. 

"I can't accept that."

What is real is the impact of her loss now  beginning to sink in to her friends and family in West Monroe.

"I truly miss her with all my heart," Naber said.

Ashley Vallery, Kim's daughter, released a statement to KTVE/KARD:

"We would just like to share that our mother was a strong woman full of love for her three children and her seven grandchildren who called her Ganny."

"We will all miss her terribly, but at least now she can be with her mother in the sky and they can embrace each other once again and we will meet again someday."

"We love you Mom and Ganny."

KTVE/KARD sends our thoughts and prayers to the family. There's been no official arrangements of the funeral yet.

More updates on this case will be released as they become available.


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