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EXCLUSIVE: Family speaks after Mother's Day murder suspect is arrested in Oregon

MONROE, La. - In a courtroom, more than 2,000 miles away, Deaundrey Cole faced a judge for minor charges but here in the twin cities police were looking for him too.

However, the charges here were much more serious.

"I thought it was going to be some years before they catch him because he was in a nice little spot," David "Boobie" Collins said.

Collins is the son of Deborah Collins, who was killed along with Florica Green and Darvis Jones, who police believed to be the intended target.

On Mother's Day, May 14, 2017, two moms were taken away too soon my gunshots.

Eight months later, Deaundrey Cole has been caught, but that's not the name he's been going by lately.  

He apparently told Portland Police his name is Demetrius Jenkins. He even had a birth certificate and a drivers license to match.

"He had to have some kind of help so who helped him they need to be locked up too," Collins said.

Collins is overjoyed....to hear the suspect, believed to be involved his mother's murder, was picked up and locked up.

"That's all we been waiting on that's all we been waiting on for them to say we got Drey Cole,"  Collins said. 

Now questions from eight months ago come back to mind.

Was there anyone else involved in this shooting?

"If it was somebody else involved, Drey Cole you need to tell them," Collins said.

In that house, on 1400 South 3rd Street, there were six people that could've been shot.

Four of them children. The sons and daughters of his sister Yvonne.

Collins has just one question for the man accused of taking his mother away. Someone he knew in the neighborhood.

"Drey you know me you know where I stayed," Collins said.

"Why did you shoot at my house? "

However, he finds comfort knowing the men responsible may be brought to justice soon.

"Now [my mother] can rest in easy, Florica can rest easy and DJ can rest easy."

Police plan to bring Cole back to Monroe to be questioned and charged. No word yet on if anyone else will be charged in this murder investigation.

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