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Emergency order issued for temporary "No Wake Zone"

MOREHOUSE/OUACHITA - The Morehouse parish and Ouachita parish police juries have issued emergency orders placing a temporary "No-Wake Zone" for Lake Bartholomew.

The orders were released to reduce the risk of damage to inundated structures along the lakefront.

Boaters are reminded to use caution and courtesy while operating vessels on Lake Bartholomew and other area waterways during the present high-water conditions.

All watercraft using any portion of Lake Bartholomew adjacent to a home or structure on either bank shall be prohibited from traveling faster than bare steerage speed.

"Bare steerage speed" means the slowest speed the vessel can travel while allowing the operator to maintain directional control of the vessel to produce the minimum water surface turbulence.

This does not apply to watercraft operated by emergency personnel in their official capacity, including law enforcement officers and employees of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

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