El Dorado middle school collects items to donate to Houston schools after Hurricane Harvey

Barton Middle School

EL DORADO, Ark. - One by one, each box, they pick and pack, and stuff each one.

They are stepping up to the plate to help others.

Barton Middle School in El Dorado is lending a helping hand to middle school affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Macy Eads, an eighth grader and member of National Junior Honors Society, is one of those students getting involved.

"We're in this thing called adopt a classroom, where we're collecting money and buying supplies for all the classrooms that were destroyed in Houston," said Eads.

She says students and teachers all over the school are doing their part.

"Mrs. Lambert is doing an art drive, and we're sending crayons, coloring books," she said.

So far, she's collected $30, and as a middle schooler herself, she says she wants to do as much as she can.

"I don't think any of them ever thought they would experience this, and it's kind of tragic for them," said Eads.

Principal Sherry Hill says every year they give back to the community in various ways with their "Barton Gives Back Initiative," and this year, Harvey and all the devastation it caused makes it an easy decision of who to help.

"That's a very important thing to us, for our kids to learn empathy," said Hill. "It doesn't even have to be money; you can help someone out just by helping a neighbor, saying something kind to someone who doesn't seem to be having a good day."

Eads says over the next week or so, she will continue to collect supplies and money, but in the end what she gives will be far less than she will get back.

"I think we're taking away that we can be better, and we can give, and we can just be better people altogether."

A new outlook on life, knowing that she's helped other when they need it most.

Washington Middle School in El Dorado will also be taking donations of household items through the end of this week.


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