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El Dorado gets rid of abandoned houses while offering firefighters training

EL DORADO, Ark. - 2018 February 09

Abandoned and forgotten, the El Dorado Fire Department is putting this eyesore out of sight. 

"The city has been trying to get rid of some unsightly structures in town," said Fire Chief Chad Mosby.

Firefighters and the city of El Dorado are planning on reducing many others like it to ash.

But they aren't letting the good flames go to waste.

It doubles as a training exercise for some of their rookie firefighters.

"It gives us an idea of the different growth stages of the fire," said Captain Nena McGaugh.

Captain Nena McGaugh has been suiting up for years and has a few training courses under her belt.

She learns something new each time, but being able to help others is what she values most.

"It helps when you have young people that haven't been in there a whole lot to explain to them, hey this is what goes on before we arrive on scene and then once you get to the growth stage of it, we extinguish it, and they can see how all those factors go in together," she said.

But sharpening their skills is what's most important because no two fires are the same.

"Take homes that have different types of material in them, different fire loads, that fire can react drastically different from one house to another, and so this gives them the opportunity in real-world situations to see the fire grow and move throughout the structure," said Mosby.

So as they bring this house down eventually to mere pieces of soot, it is a win-win situation for the city and for firefighters perfecting their craft. 

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