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El Dorado dog pound broken into, dogs stolen and six puppies die in the process

EL DORADO, Ark. - 2017 November 30

Animal control officer Charles Hartsell says their morning routine is usually about the same every day at the shelter.

"Feed and clean the pens, make sure all the dogs are okay, and just do a routine check."

But Monday morning things were definitely a lot different.

"We picked up some dog food and come in and unlocked the first gate and noticed the first dog on the left, the dog was gone, and the fence was cut."

They went to the second set of pens to find six dead newborn puppies some inside and outside the fence, and there was evidence that the puppies mother has been yanked through.

"So when they pulled them out apparently, they were either feeding, or she was birthing them at that time."

A few pens down, three more dogs were also stolen, and it was all caught on video.

Here are the three men with hoods over their faces committing the crime, even snatching some of the cameras down to cover their tracks, and sadly Hartsell says this isn't the first time,  it's happened before.

"If it's the people that own the dog, they're stealing their dogs back because they know if they go to court the judge is not going to give them back. Two, if it's somebody else, they're stealing them to fight, fighting is a big problem across the united states."  

But until they catch the dog thieves, Hartsell says all they can do is try to update their security system to keep it from happening again.  

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