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Drug testing could be required for some food stamp recipients

EL DORADO, Ark. - 2018 April 12

Possible changes could be coming for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program users, or better known as "SNAP".

Trump's administration announced the possibility of "certain" users undergoing drug testing.

It would target people who are able-bodied, childless and people searching for specialized jobs such as working with heavy machinery.

We hit the streets to see how people felt about it.

"Those that are able to work should be drug tested before they get food stamps," said Oscar Ross. " Before, that way you can find out who really, really needs the food or are you just trying to get the food because it's free?"

"I would have done it a long time ago, but I don't know," said Lori McGhee. "I don't have anything against people that get food stamps. I get $15, but what I don't like is when they're sold."

But, not everyone agrees some citizens think the problem lies elsewhere.

John Modica says after a back injury on the job, it called for marijuana, which he doesn't believe people should be tested for.

"I haven't ever known marijuana to kill anybody, and if they had it legalized, then you probably wouldn't have all those opioid problems that we have created in this country through abuse."

State senator Trent Garner says, in theory, he supports the proposal.

He says the benefits should be used to help people who are hooked on drugs get the treatment they need.

"Any kind of legislation you do to drug test people which is a common sense type of measure to make sure that the public assistance that the taxpayers are paying for goes to paying for actual food instead of paying for somebody's drug habit, but I think any kind of solution that we have has to be to help to make sure that person gets off drugs to get them the treatment they need; not be a punitive measure or a stick to be used against them.

And while nothing is set in stone as of yet, reports say that only five percent of snap users would be affected.

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