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Drug round-up honors Lincoln Parish deputy lost to cancer

Lincoln Parish, La.-- - Kacie Holtzclaw said her father, Lieutenant Tony Holtzclaw, had a few loves in his life. 

They include his family, fishing and the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office.

"He loved this department," his daughter said. "It was his second family."

All were left devastated when Holtzclaw, also known as 'L.P. ten', lost his battle with stage-four lung cancer a little more than a week ago.

"When something happens to one person, it happens to everyone," said Holtzclaw's coworker, Lieutenant Matt Henderson. "We all went through it... hated to lose him, but we know he's better off."

Days after his death, multiple law enforcement agencies across the parish conducted a drug round-up.

They named it 'Operation Ten'. 

"This operation was in his memory," Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone said at a press conference Thursday afternoon. "To his legacy because he truly was a deputy that was a great servant and a great man."

Representatives from agencies involved in the operation were in attendance including the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office, Ruston Police Department, Grambling Police Department and the Lincoln Parish District Attorney's Office.

More than 30 suspected drug dealers were put behind bars, after a year-long, undercover investigation.

"It has been relatively easy to get your hands on these drugs and we want to make it as hard as possible, because these people are hurting," Sheriff Stone added.

Authorities seized $20,000 worth of illegal drugs including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription pills. 

Four cars and an AK-47 were also seized.

"Operation ten is going to continue," Sheriff Stone proclaimed.

Just like Lieutenant Holtzclaw's legacy will live on, authorities said they are going to fight crime until the streets are cleaned up and the pushers, dealers and criminals are locked up.

"If you're doing it in Lincoln Parish, stop, because eventually we're gonna catch you," Sheriff Stone said.

"I think this is an excellent opportunity to honor his legacy and we'll continue to work to do that every day," Lieutenant Henderson added.



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