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Double Homicide on Arizona Avenue, Suspect at Large

MONROE - Two shot and left for dead, undiscovered until Tuesday morning when a customer visited Coach's Bail Bonds on Arizona Avenue in Monroe. 
On the scene was a deceased Ivan Webb and Catrina Wallace. 
Monroe Police arrived to begin their investigation of the murder. 
"We've interviewed several witnesses, family members have come forth with evidence, or testimony leading us in the right direction as to who may have done this.  So, we're interviewing witnesses and possible persons of interest at this time, and we feel very strongly that we're going to bring the person responsible to justice, " says Monroe Police Detective, Reggie Brown.
Friends gather at the scene in shock at the news of the loss of their dear friends.
"I just seen them yesterday, came up here yesterday to see him and it just, Oh My God, it's shocking because like it says on the side of his building, 'Bad Things Happen To Good People', and that's right because he was a good person, both of them was," says victim's friend, Shedrick Colvin. 
Wallace had young children.
Friends and police say that makes this case a more difficult one. 
"She was there for me and told me brother, it's going to be okay, I got your back.  And she has two little boys I'm about to live up to the words and say, hey, I'm gonna help these little boys, right now they don't understand," says Wallace's friend, Tyrone Dickens. 
"We have kids who, their parents are not going to come home, so anytime that happens we want to solve this case and bring justice not only to the families but more importantly to the kids whose parents are not going to come home to them," says Detective Brown. 
Investigators say the business of a bail bondsman is a dangerous one that should be recognized and respected. 
"It's characters of all kinds and all sorts that they have to deal with.  And, when they don't pay their bail bonds they have to go out and they have to bring them in.  So yes, it's very dangerous, I would consider them on the same level as police or law enforcement, says Brown.
The suspect is still at large. 

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