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Dogs shot and killed, is it animal cruelty

DUBACH - Lisa Roton says her dogs Skylar and Blackie were sweet dogs that didn't bother anyone. "It's horrible, me and my husband both cried about it," says Roton.

Roton had Skylar for 12 years, "[She] had gotten shot three times, well we pulled her through it and she lived. Back at Thanksgiving she was shot from the shoulder and  it blew out her chest and she didn't survive that one."

Roton had Blackie for three years, "We went to town Saturday and she was fine when we left. When we came back she was shot," she said. 

Someone with an issue, took a gun and pulled the trigger, Lisa has no idea who would do such a thing. The dogs were two of six that made up Roton's family, and she says they all miss them dearly.

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Department says it is rare that dogs are shot and killed, but you cannot let your dog run free. Dogs must be kept on a leash or inside of a fence. However, if a dog crosses into your yard, you can kill them if they pose a threat to you and your livestock.

Roton says her dogs were not a threat and she doesn't understand how a killer can be so cruel. She says there is a different way to handle pets that may end up in the wrong yard. "If you know who owns the animals, say something to them, try to talk to them and maybe they can pin them up or whatever they need to do," says Roton.

The investigation is still underway. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Ruston Crimestoppers at (318) 251-1111.

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