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Department of Public Works says they have a plan to avoid failing pump stations

MONROE, La. - (4/14/18) -- Last month's severe weather late last month left many in Monroe flooded, without power, and unable to get to work and school. Many wondered why the pump stations failed.

The department of Public Works said it was because they lost power, but they are prepared to prevent flooding from being so detrimental to the community.

Willie Issac says his neighborhood is a perfect example of why the city needs to make improvements and upgrades in case of flooding. When severe weather rolls in, many in his neighborhood find themselves stuck by road closures.

"Why wait until something happens until you fix the pumps?" says Willie Issac.

Six out of 18 pump stations failed on March 28 during a severe weather episode in the ArkLaMiss. Issac says with severe weather in the forecast for this weekend, he and his neighbors could find themselves in the same situation.

"It will help if they can get all the pumps working, but if the pump stations are not working what are we going to do?" says Issac.

The pumps failed recently due to several power outages. Public Works says the only way to repair them is funding.

"We're going to be putting cost estimates together to see do we need a permanent generator or can we buy portable generators to run those pump stations should something like this happen in the future," says Janway.

"It's always money, it is always money to get the pumps fixed. Nobody want's to spend the money," says Issac.

Issac believes that there are ways to get money that the city is not taking advantage of.

"Just a little bit of revenue from the people that don't use their turn signals, people who litter, this is revenue the city can have," says Issac.

Tom Janway says they are already in the process of getting more revenue to fix the pump station issue, but for now, there is something that the community can do to help maintain the pumps in the mean time to avoid clogging.

"The most important thing that residents can help us with is to help us clear the ditches and their yards of debris," says Janway.

Tom Janway says that he has spoken to all of the necessary personnel to assure that all hands are on deck and all equipment will be ready for the expected severe weather tomorrow.

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