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Dancing Deputy is all the rage in St. Tammany Parish

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, La. (WDSU) - (2/1/2018)  "I just want people to know that police are people and that we all have a job to do." says Reserve St. Tammany Deputy Steve Hoffmann. "I'm just one of those people that when I hear music I start moving and you know when the music comes on, I start shaking my butt and when it happens it happens."

His wasn't the only butt shaking along the parade route in Slidell recently during a parade. When Deputy Hoffmann started dancing, a couple of things happened. Folks in the crowd started dancing, too and those who weren’t dancing went for their cell phones and social media.



"It totally surprised me to go from just dancing and having a good ole time to being all over the internet and all over Facebook." Says Dep. Hoffmann.


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