Crossett High School Asking for 4 Mill Increase

CROSSETT, Ark.-- - Voters in the Crossett School District will be going to the polls on February 9'th to vote on a 4 mill increase.

The money collected from the increase will go to help fund a new high school in Crossett.

"The new money that the district is asking for is a $20 million line of credit that we'll have available to build this building, and then we will refinance current debut that the district is paying back which exceeded $12 million. So when you combine the $20 million plus the just over $12 million that's where the $32 million amount comes from," explains Gary Williams, Superintendent, Crossett Schools.

The current school is 57-years-old, and only had a life expectancy of 50 years. After an analysis from the state department, the school would have to be brought up to code to meet Americans with Disabilities Code, and suggested to invest in a new school.

"They agreed it's outdated and it would be better for the district to invest in a new building as opposed to investing in the older building. And they've allocated $1.1 million that would be given to the district if we are able to raise our share of the construction cost," says Williams.

The school has experienced some system failures.

"Most recent example is a sewer system that cost the district $30,000 to patch a small section underneath a classroom, and that has to be considered in budgeting, but as we move forward, there's other parts of that system that are still 57 years old," explains Williams.

Crossett High School Senior, Allie Toler says she is in favor of the proposed millage.

"I feel like our high school has served its purpose, it is 57-years-old, and I feel like it's been a good school, but I feel like the future would be brighter with a new school. And I also feel like our teachers deserve to work in a safe environment that they like to go to everyday," says Allie Toler, Senior, Crossett High School.

Crossett High School alumna and grandmother, Pat Todd, is pushing for the vote to pass saying it is crucial to invest in the students future.

"We need to make the school better, we need to make it handicap accessible, our gym is in bad shape, the restrooms. So if all parents and grandparents get together we need to pass this millage for Crossett Public Schools," explains Pat Todd, Crossett Resident.

Early voting starts Tuesday, February 2'nd with Election day being February 9'th.

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