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Construction of solar farm in Crossett area to start in 2021

CROSSETT, Ark. - 2018 April 04

Mike Smith, Executive Director of the Crossett Economic Development Foundation, says their biggest goal is to create jobs.

Their latest project making its way to Ashley County tops the list as one of the most unique.

A new solar farm set to start construction in 2021.

The structure will provide 100 megawatts of green energy to the rural electric co-op of Arkansas.

It's set to go on 800 acres of land outside of Crossett.

"And the solar farm will be large solar panels covering that 800 acres collecting the solar energy and providing back to the electric grid," said Smith.

But why Ashley county you ask?

Smith says they have a well-maintained electric grid due to heavy manufacturing, making it cost-effective for renewable energy system's Americas incorporated to set up there.

Of course, more jobs come along with the gig.

One hundred and seventy-five jobs will be created during construction and up to three permanent jobs once the project is done.

"It's a very big deal for our area," he said. "It's an almost $200,000,000 investment in this community, and anytime a company wants to invest that type of money into a local community, it's a very good thing for the citizens. It's a very good thing for the community. It shows our resilience and our sustainability of jobs and skills that we have in our area."

While they patiently await the farm's arrival, Smith says they will continue to work to bring more beneficial things to the Crossett area.

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