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Concealed carry conversation: Should teachers be allowed to bring guns in classrooms?

Ouachita Parish, La.-- - 11-year-old Loela Winfrey said the mass shootings around the country have her worried about the safety of schools.

"Normally schools don't allow firearms or pocketknives so there's not really a way to protect people," she said.

One proposed solution? Allowing teachers to have guns in their classrooms.

Congressman Ralph Abraham supports it, but with the proper training.

"It's a voluntary program that if you want to go through the course of firearm safety, proficient, how to use a firearm than I'm ok with that," he said.

"Right now teachers can't afford pencils and other supplies," attorney Bob Noel said. "Who would pay for that?"

Noel said the idea is a huge liability.

"Can you imagine if someone disarmed a teacher in a classroom or the teacher actually pulled out their weapon and shot somebody by accident or otherwise, how much money that's gonna cost the school board?" Noel added.

We also talked to family members of students, concerned about safety, but not everyone is on board with the controversial proposal.

"But what if those kids get a hold of it," George Christmas said. "You know, how safe is it really?"

"But maybe specific areas, like maybe someone in the office or maybe a few teachers here or there," grandmother Sylvia Carter said.

As for Loela, she's all for the proposal, as long as it keeps classrooms safe and saves lives.

"I would feel very comfortable knowing that there is a way for teachers to protect their students," she said. 

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