Bounty hunters accused of breaking into the wrong house

WEST MONROE, La. - Residents in West Monroe respond to the news of a woman's house being busted into by bounty hunters.
"I just think they ought to do their job and make sure they're 100% sure that who they're looking for is there," resident Donnie Holley said.
However, it might not be that simple.
West Monroe Police are trying to figure out what exactly happened here... there are a lot of questions still surrounding this case.
The main one, where is the guy the bounty hunters were looking for? 
They were looking for Jeffrey Robinson and the woman's address, on Mitchell Avenue in West Monroe, is the one they were given to find him.
For them it was the right place, but wrong person.
We reached out to the bail bondsman to speak on the matter, but the case is now it in the hands of their attorneys.
Monroe resident, Elma Duke, knows what it's like to be the victim of a mistaken identity. She had a similar experience years ago.
"I could not speak, I was so unnerved, I literally shook like a leaf for two years afterwards, I didn't even feel safe in my own home," she said.
She feels for the single mother of two, who said in the police report, this is the second time bounty hunters have come looking for the same man.
Questions still remain. Where was the break in communication?
How could bounty hunters strike the wrong house twice and the man they are looking for still be out there?
All three men are currently charged with felony charges of unauthorized entry and criminal damage to property.

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