Biloxi museum wants to take in Confederate monuments

BILOXI, Miss (WHLT) - One of the controversial confederate monuments removed from New Orleans could find a new home in Biloxi.

We took a quick drive down to the coast to see how museum officials are putting forth efforts to ensure first pick of the monuments.

“Bring it home,” said Tom Payne, Executive Director at the Beauvoir, when he found out one of the Confederate statues taken down in New Orleans is of Jefferson Davis.

“What more appropriate place than his last home?”

The Beauvoir Estate also houses a Confederate museum, so, leaders are not only asking for one monument but all of them.

“It’s important to us to let them know they ‘Hey! We’ll take them over here. That we’ll take them over here.’ That we’ll revere them and make them apart of our narrative and to continue to teach about the history’ and I think this is this is the most appropriate place for it.”

The first monument removed of David Beauregard was recently found in a maintenance yard next to trash.

“That’s horrible. Any of us from the south, it’s a part of our heritage and it should be where it could be seen,” said museum tourist Pat Cook.

Payne says they want to take them off of New Orleans’ hands to end some of the controversy surrounding them.

 “I think that would be a win-win for both the city of New Orleans being the donor of those statues here to us and certainly a win for us,” he expressed concern. “It will definitely increase our census and that’s what we’re about, you got to get people through the gate before you can educate and commemorate.”

Museum officials are in the process of figuring out if the statues are Louisiana landmarks and if legal actions need to be taken before being brought to Mississippi.

New Orleans officials say the rest of the monuments are locked up until a permanent location is found.

We’ll give you more information as this story continues.

More about the Estate:


Beauvoir was the seaside retirement estate of Jefferson Davis, the one and only president of the Confederate States of America. Beauvoir was also the site of the Mississippi Confederate Soldiers Home from 1903 to 1957. The restored antebellum home dominates the fifty-one-acre complex that includes outbuildings, the Confederate Museum, a historic cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier, a nature trail, and a gift shop. The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library contains a biographical exhibit on Jefferson Davis in addition to the research library's collection on nineteenth-century Southern history.

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