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Big-box retailer may be coming to West Monroe

West Monroe, La.-- - Downing Pines Commercial Park in West Monroe may become home to the city's next big-box retailer, according to the city's mayor, Dave Norris. 

"We're waiting to get a purchase agreement from the developers then we'll learn all of the other details, but we think it'll be the start...the thing that really kicks off the retail development out in front of the Ike," Mayor Norris said.

He said the developer hasn't revealed what store it could be, but rumors have been floating around that it might be a Costco store or Lowe's. 

"If we're right about it, this won't be any duplication of any retailer in West Ouachita," Mayor Norris added.

We caught up with residents to hear what business they would like to come to town. 

"A Home Depot, we go to Monroe a lot," resident Melissa Chandler said.
"I'd like to see a Costco," resident Antonio Stroman said. "I'm from Texas so it'd feel a little bit more like home to see a Costco."
"If they put a good hardware store over there that would be great," resident Erik Fogle said.
Many residents told us they're tired of having to travel to go shopping. 
"It's crazy for people in West Monroe to have to drive to Monroe just to get a household item or something to repair their house," Fogle added. 
Norris said a fifth hotel along Downing Pines, right across from the Ike Hamilton Center, is also in the works.
Both the mayor and residents agree that this growth will be beneficial for the local economy. 
"This particular development builds for some very fine retailers that I think we'd be pleased to have on that site and would be an inducement to other retailers to come to the area," Mayor Norris said. 


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