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Bernice couple arrested for domestic abuse

UNION PARISH, La. - A Bernice couple has been arrested by Union Parish sheriff’s deputies accused of domestic abuse battery.

Brandy Hurst, 31, and Justin L. Hurst, 31, were both arrested Sunday.

Brandy Hurst was booked into the parish detention center in Farmerville on a charge of domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.

Justin Hurst was charged with domestic abuse battery, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a Schedule IV narcotic (Alprzaolam).

Bond had not been set Monday pending a Gwen’s law hearing this week, Sheriff Dusty Gates said.

An official tells KTVE/KARD Justin Hurst first called the sheriff’s office Sunday saying at first that he and Brandy had gotten into a verbal argument and that she had slipped up and stabbed him on the right side of his abdomen. He later said she threw the knife at him. Justin also said she kicked him on his upper right leg leaving a bruise. Justin stated the fight occurred Thursday night (Nov. 9).

When deputies contacted Brandy, she stated that she and Justin had been arguing and that she finally went to a friend’s house. Apparently Justin had taken some money from Brandy’s vehicle Nov. 9 and they argued about that. When they drove away from the friend’s house, Brandy said Justin’s beer spilled on the floorboard and that he got mad and started punching the back of her head.

After they got home, deputies reported that Brandy stated she began cutting up some potatoes. She said Justin came into the kitchen sharpening his knife and glaring at her, making threats. Brandy told deputies that the knife slipped out of her hand and struck Justin in the right side.

She told the deputies that she apologized to Justin and helped him clean the wound “and he was fine.” However, she said Justin punched her in the stomach and right breast.

The narcotics were found in Justin’s vehicle when he was arrested.

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