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Tensions rise in Bastrop city council meeting

BASTROP, La -- - Tensions rise in a special council meeting--people in the City of Bastrop want to know what their leaders are doing about two things.

Money and crime.

 Some residents are not happy with the results.

"We have struggling leadership and until we find strong leadership we're going to be struggling," retired resident, Ricky Anderson, said.

Tempers flared after Mayor Henry Cotton suggested the city get a financial planner from Detroit, Michigan to help fix the city's money problems.

"The older councilmen who've been in office have got to make sure you know this whipper snapper is not going to come in here and just run things," Cotton said.

"Immediate push back from the council--a debate that went on for nearly an hour--ended with a disappointing result for Cotton a four to two vote against his idea.

Many members of the council saying the idea was sprung on them at the last minute.

"You can't force things down people's throat and they don't know anything about it that's like force medicating anybody and you can't do that," Anderson said.

Residents becoming restless as the debate went on.

"We're always talking about money; we don't have it well find it," Anderson said.

Crime took center stage shortly after but it was clear from the start that the City of Bastrop is a house divided for now.

"We're all one Bastrop and we're going to be impartial to all communities and the only way that we can get there is to get there together," Cotton said.

Bastrop's next City Council meeting is set for August 11th.

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