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Bastrop 10-year-old accused of setting crawfish hut on fire

MOREHOUSE Parish - The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal has arrested a Bastrop juvenile for allegedly setting part of a business on fire.

The 10-year-old boy was issued a summons Friday, April 20, for one count of Simple Arson.

The OSFM was contacted by the Bastrop Fire Department just before 2 p.m. to assist in determining the cause and origin of a small fire in a crawfish hut at the Mane Street Fish House property in the 600 block of East Madison Avenue in Bastrop.

Surveillance video showed a young male in a red hoodie enter the crawfish hut. Two minutes later, the same juvenile ran from the hut with smoke visibly coming out of the structure. A minute later, the fire was noticed and called into 911.

After collaboration with local investigators, the boy was identified and located at his guardian’s home nearby. The boy told investigators he found a lighter while walking around his neighborhood, as he was home from school for the day due to suspension.

The juvenile told investigators he located paper inside of the crawfish hut, lit it on fire and threw it onto a chair in the hut. The boy says he became scared when the fire grew rapidly and ran away, throwing the lighter off of a bridge near his home.

He was issued the summons and released into the custody of his guardian. He is scheduled for court on the matter in June.

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