Ashley County residents of Longview say they need help after record flooding

ASHLEY COUNTY, Ark. - 2018 March 13

Residents of Longview are picking up the pieces the best way they know how after record flooding. 

Completely washed out roads and destroyed homes are all some have left besides each other.

Down Longview Road, Teri Lee and Mike Edmoundson say they have thousands of dollars worth of damage on their property alone.

"I've got to replace flooring throughout my house, not entirely, but about half of it," said Edmoundson.

A lot of their ruined belongings either on their porch, in their shed or like many others, washed away in what normally is a hay field.

"You know, you kind of freak out," he said.

"Sadness starts with the fear and then when you try to get in to check on your home, you start feeling the devastation of the current and how strong they are," said Lee.

The most frustrating part, they sit right across the river from Bradley County--which has been declared a disaster area while they still hope for help.

They say the government says there must be at least $65,000 worth of damage to be declared a disaster.

"Well if you go up and down this road and even get on the other side, there's more than $65,000 worth of damage. There are people that can't even get back into their homes because this road has never been like it is," said Lee.

And they blame it on a mile long levy they say was built by the state that forced water into Ashley County and filters in Bradley County--so they believe it should have never gotten this bad.

"It's just a devastating, sad, heartbreaking situation," said Lee.

Either way, they say they just want to know they matter and their government will be there in "their" time of need.

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