Arrest warrant issued for former U.S. Rep. McAllister

(The News-Star) - According to our partners at The News-Star, former Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister said a misunderstanding with his attorney resulted in a warrant being issued for his arrest after failing to appear for a debt collection hearing.

The warrant was issued last week in 4th District Court.

"I missed a court date upon advice of counsel," McAllister said in a statement to USA Today Network. "It was a misunderstanding of that advice. It will be quickly resolved.

"Just a legal procedure that will be immediately remedied with no problems. Also, I am private citizen now trying to make living in depressed oil economy.

"It's regrettable that political opponents still try to mislead the citizens for their own vindictive agenda."

McAllister, R-Swartz, was a political unknown in 2013 when he enjoyed a meteoric rise and won the 5th Congressional District seat, filling the unexpired term of former Congressman Rodney Alexander, R-Ruston.

He was swept into office in large part by the backing of the "Duck Dynasty" Robertson family when the Robertsons were at the height of their popularity.

But McAllister's political success was short-lived after a video was published of the married congressman kissing a married member of his staff. He was dubbed "the kissing congressman" in a national scandal.

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