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3 Arrested in multiple Lincoln Parish vehicle burglaries

LINCOLN Parish -

Caleb M. Ogden, Colin Javon Lacy and an unnamed juvenile suspect have been arrested by Lincoln Parish deputies and charged with a multitude of offenses related to vehicle burglaries and or theft(s) committed during the late evening hours and early morning hours of July 30 and 31, 2017.

The initial incident involving the suspects began on Null Road with the theft of an ATV (four wheeler). The ATV was ultimately recovered, as the alert owner of the ATV offered some pursuit, ultimately causing the suspects to break away and abandon the ATV, located still running.

The suspects then crossed the parish and committed several counts of simple burglary (vehicle burglaries) in and around the Sheldon’s View and Squire Creek neighborhoods. The suspicious vehicle was noticed around the Squire Creek area and LPSO was contacted. Deputies encountered the suspect’s vehicle and noted that it was similar in description to the vehicle involved with the theft of the ATV from earlier in the shift. The suspect vehicle was removed from the scene by a wrecker.

The shotgun had been stolen from a vehicle earlier in the Sheldon’s View subdivision, as had the miscellaneous items seen in the digital image.

Arrested on scene were Caleb Ogden and a juvenile subject that cannot be identified. Colin Javon Lacy was identified as the third suspect and later located by deputies.

Lacy was arrested and charged on 7/31/2017.

LPSO deputies have made contact with numerous homeowners, asking the homeowners to check their property, in an attempt to ensure that they have not sustained a loss that they are not yet aware of.

Lacy’s list of offenses should mirror Ogden’s list, less one (1) count of felony theft.

This is due to Lacy’s absence on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, when the remaining two suspectS stole an ATV from a residence on Mondy Road.

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