Local father hopes to bring light to custody battle discrimintation for D.A.Ds

WEST MONROE, La - What started as a casual conversation among divorced dads fighting for their children's custody has turned into a group for dads to be there for one another.

West Monroe father, Josh Ritchie, took it upon himself to make the Facebook page, D-A-D's, standing for Dad's Against Discrimination. For dads who not have gone through custody battles, but believe they've been treated unfairly. 

"I'm just one voice. And you know there is strength in numbers. You know and i may not mean anything by myself to these local politicians but if we get the whole gang together, you know elections are coming up. You know we could make some real changes," according to Josh Ritchie.

"If you don't fight, you can't win" is the motto for this D-A-D's group and they are hoping to really make a difference.

Ritchie hopes to not only bring awareness but also change to discrimination in domestic custody cases at the courthouse.

A new law, under Act 264, gives fathers who are in jail or prison --rights to see their children, 
But DAD members are pushing for more laws to ensure father's equality in custody battles.

"What we hope to gain from this is statewide recognition and enough of us standing up and saying enough is enough," according to Josh Ritchie.

The journey isn't easy, for any father going through custody battles, but the Facebook group is hoping to find strength in numbers.

The Facebook page can be found at: https://m.facebook.com/dads.against.discrimination17/

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