Local Auto Body Shop Reacts to Lawsuit Against State Farm

State Farm is accused of saving some money at the safety expense of their customers.

Parker Auto Body Shop employee, Todd Jones, says,"The insurance company wants to pay the least amount they can because it is saving them money. They aren't thinking about how much it takes to put the safety back in these vehicles. Its got to be right or the safety won't be there."

The insurance company is being sued for requiring those in need of repairs to take their cars to auto body shops that use "junk yard" parts.

Brandon Parker, a manager at Parker Auto Body Shop, says,"They are supposed to put the car back to pre-accident condition, and using knock off or junk yard parts isn't doing that. A result of those could cause a bad accident and someone could be hurt."

"Its not a good idea to be using after market parts. New parts come on it, and those are needed to keep the vehicle safe," says Jones. 

Parker Auto Body Shop says they are happy about a lawsuit filed against State Farm. They hope it will allow customers to get the correct parts needed for proper repairs.

"We want to fix people's car the right way, and we want to keep people safe. That is what its all about," says Parker. 

A representative with State Farm says the accusations are not in line with their mission to serve the needs of their customers. They add State Farm has a long history of advancements in vehicle safety.

The insurance company says they are reviewing the lawsuit which seeks injunctive relief, restitution, and civil penalties.

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