Ferriday Mayor Fires Police Chief Over Unsolved Burglaries

FERRIDAY -- Richard Madison had served as Ferriday Police Chief since July 2012.
But he was terminated Thursday morning. 
Ferriday Mayor Gene Allen told KTVE/KARD a series of unsolved burglaries of local businesses and residents led to Madison's suspension on Monday.

"We had a rash of burglaries, a rash of other things that had not been solved," Allen said. "We want everybody to be safe. We want to get some of these crimes solved."

Allen said Madison had a two-day period to appeal the suspension, but didn't. According to Allen, other factors led to him and the town's board of aldermen to terminate Madison.

"My police chief is ill. He has just slowed down," said Allen.

Now, Lieutenant Derrick Freeman, home-grown resident and a more than decade-long officer with the department is the interim police chief.

He said he'll continue where Madison ended.

"He has some ideas that we need to see flourish," Lt. Freeman said. "Instead of reinventing the wheel, we're going to keep the wheel that's already rolling. We're just going to enhance this wheel."

Allen said he wants a new police chief named by June and they're taking applications.

A screening committee made up of two town aldermen and the town clerk has been established to sort through the applications.

Interim Chief Freeman said he will apply and he already has a plan for the unsolved burglaries.

"We're going to have what we call a callback form, to where we could reach back into our community and say 'Hey, we know your house has been burglarized or something's been taken. We're going to have this form that we need your name and information' and we're going to share the information with our victims, to keep them abreast. Maybe they've heard some new information," said Lt. Freeman.

Allen said he and the town aldermen are looking for a law enforcement veteran to take the reigns.

"We're going to look at law enforcement experience, law enforcement connections, accessibility to other law enforcement agencies," he said.

KTVE/KARD attempted to reach out to Madison for his comment, but we were unsuccessful.
Those interested in the Ferriday Police Chief position may apply through city hall on 1116 2nd St. in Ferriday.

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