Web Extra: 'Community' Returns to NBC Tonight

NBC -- "Community" returns to NBC tonight.

It's a case of everything old is new again as the campus comedy embarks on its fifth season.

The man who created the quirky college comedy, Dan Harmon, has returned to the show for season five.

Along with restoring Harmon's idiosyncratic vision, the show also welcomes back John Oliver, fresh from his farewell at "The Daily Show".

Oliver returns as smarmy professor Ian Duncan.

"I've been gone for two years, while supposedly still being around, so it's a pretty funny way that I just walk back in," Oliver says.

For a show that's offered up paintball wars, puppets, claymation and vampires during its run,
even more lunacy is on the way.

"Community" is also welcoming another new cast member this season.

Jonathan Banks joins the show as a professor, following his memorable stint on "Breaking Bad".

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