Dangerous Game Being Played at School

(WDTN-Ohio) A dangerous game has shown up in some schools, prompting school officials to notify parents.

Bell Creek Intermediate Principal Mike Baldridge in Ohio sent out an e-mail Thursday stating that a dozen students had engaged in the "Eraser Challenge".

It's described as a game where students take an eraser and begin "erasing" their skin.

Baldridge's e-mail went on to say "Most students use their hands to do this, however it can be anywhere on their body. The skin is "erased" to the point of blistering and significant open wounds."

Dr. David Roer says games like this can cause serious infections, or worse.

"In some cases, when you look back, some of them were so bad they ended up with amputations of the extremity," he warns.

Ohio is not the only place this game has shown up. 

Tech experts say knowledge of the game is likely spreading online... meaning it could turn up anywhere. They urge you to talk to your children about engaging in this activity, or similar activities that could be dangerous.

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