Study Ranks Louisiana, Arkansas As One of Worst States to Retire In

MONROE -- When you retire, where do you think you'll settle down?

A recent survey by Bankrate -- a financial publisher -- shows Arkansas and Louisiana rank among the worst states to retire in.

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It  ranks Louisiana as 7th and Arkansas as 4th in the worst states to retire in.

But before you take the list to heart -- ULM economics professor Bob Eisenstadt sees this list as nothing more than a starting place.

"This list is developed on the assumption that most people looking for a retirement destination have no preconceived notion of where they want to live," he said.

The survey claims Louisiana has a light tax burden and low cost of living.

"Your dollar will go further in la than it does in many other places in the country," said Eisenstadt.

But Bankrate says it's everything else that pushed both Arkansas and Louisiana to the bottom of the list, like crime.

"Crime is certainly an issue, particularly I would think older people looking for destinations to retire, are going to be particularly sensitive to crime, tend to be more vulnerable," said Eisenstadt.
According to the survey, poor health care quality scores and a low ranking on the Gallup-Healthways' wellness survey also brought the states down.

"If I was a senior citizen, looking for a retirement destination, healthcare is going to be high on my list," said Eisenstadt. "Who consumes, overwhelmingly, the majority of healthcare in the United States? Senior citizens."

But Lynda McGeehee at the Ouachita Council On Aging says she thinks Louisiana has a lot to offer to those looking to retire.

"One of the biggest reasons is that the state offers income tax incentives. We don't have taxes on retirees for social security or government/military pensions," she said. "I think Louisiana has a lot to offer as far as recreation is concerned, we've got so many lakes and bayous, so many areas like state parks, bird watching. 

She adds there is a Council On Aging center in every parish in Louisiana offering home and community -based services for seniors.

"We have housing available for the elderly in Monroe through the Monroe Housing Authority. We provide a good number in options of housing in the Monroe area," she said.

Last year, the survey ranked Louisiana highly on the list as being one of the best places to retire. But this year, the 

But at the end of the day, Eisenstadt says there's one factor surveys tend to leave out.

"I suspect one of the biggest determinants of retirement destination...Is where are the grandkids living?" he said. "If Louisiana wants to attract retirees, tell them to do a better job attracting young people, young married couples who are starting families."

If you were wondering, New York state is the worst state to retire in, according to that survey.

Surprisingly, the survey claims South Dakota is the best place to retire.
Humidity is even pinned as a downside -- and that's no surprise for Louisiana.

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